Guides for adults and children

    Brera Les Yeux Ouverts - Trente Chefs-d'oeuvre incontournables


    Curator: Alessandra MontalbettiPublisher: MarsilioYear: 2021Pages: 64Binding: PaperbackText: French Description: This guide, with its agile format and attractive graphics, has been designed to identify the thirty most important works in the...

    Around Mantegna - dialogue


    Author: Keith ChristiansenPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2016 Format: SoftbackPages: 72 p. Language: Italian and EnglishDescrizione: The provocative confrontation of these masterpieces is the second in a series of pict

    Around Raphael and Perugino - dialogue


    Author: Emanuela Daffra, Cristina Quattrini, Giovanni AgostiPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2016 Format: BrossuraPages: 64 p. Language: ItalianDescription: One of the most evocative rooms in Brera. Two paintings united

    Inside / Outside | Living is being at home everywhere 1977-2013


    Author: Ugo La Pietra Publisher: Corraini Edizioni First Edition: 2014 Binding: Paperback sewn with fins Pages: 64 Text: Italian/English "Living is not only a practice related to private space, but...

    No More War - Armed conflict 1914-2022 seen through the eyes of children


    Curator: James M. Bradburne, a publication of CIRCI, International Center for Research on the Culture of Childhood. Publisher: Mandragora Number of pages: 112 in colour, format 21.5 x 15.5 cm,...

    Cagnacci - Cleopatra death


    Author: Letizia Lodi, Lisa HiltonPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2017 Format: SoftbackPages: 80 p. Language: ItalianDescription: Baroque painter Guido Cagnacci painted seductive nudes for sophisticated clients. Cleopatr

    Tutta colpa della Giraffa


    Author: James M. Bradburne Illustrations: Sara Scat Publisher: Valentina Edizioni Published: 2017 Recommended age: 3+ Format: Hardback Pages: 48 Language: Italian Description: Absolute chaos reigns at the Museum..animals jump out...

    Il custode cieco


    Author: James M. Bradburne Illustrations: Sara Scat Publisher: Valentina Edizioni Published: 2018 Recommended age: 3+ Format: Hardback Pages: 44 Language: Italian Description: A stolen painting, a blind guardian and a...

    Il grande colouring book


    Author: Hervé Tullet Publisher: Franco Cosimo Panini Published: 2016 Language: Italian  Description: on each page a challenge for the reader, an ideal book to bring out the creative potential of every...

    Nicole and the book house


    Author: James M. BradburnePublisher: Valentina EdizioniIllustrations: Martina MotzoFirst edition November 2021Binding: HardcoverPages: 40Text: ItalianReading age: from 3 years Nicole is three years old and loves books. She loves them so...

    Around Lotto - Dialogue


    Author: Francesco Frangi, Maria Cristina PassoniPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2017 Format: SoftbackPages: 72 p. Language: ItalianDescription: The paintings of the Pinacoteca di Brera Portrait of Laura da Pola, Portrai

    Baci, abbracci e altri gesti


    Authors: Marta Sironi and Guido Scarabottolo Publisher: Topipittori Year: 2023 Pages: 32 Language: Italian and English Age: from 7 years Description: Each painting mirrors the era in which it was...

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