Raffaello and Zhang Zeduan, New Perspectives on Perspective


    Publisher: Mandragora Published: 2021 Language: English Introduction James M. Bradburne Contributions by:  Paola Borghese, Andrea Carini,  Emanuela Daffra, Martin Kemp, Sabrina Rastelli, Sara Scatragli, Cheng-hua Wang This dialogue invites the...

    Around Raphael and Perugino - dialogue


    Author: Emanuela Daffra, Cristina Quattrini, Giovanni AgostiPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2016 Format: BrossuraPages: 64 p. Language: ItalianDescription: One of the most evocative rooms in Brera. Two paintings united

    Ettore Modigliani. Memorie


    Author: Marco CarminatiPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2019 Format: SoftbackPages: 320 p. Language: ItalianDescription: The Memoirs of Ettore Modigliani (1873-1947), hitherto unpublished, represent an exceptional testim

    Around Caravaggio - Dialogue


    Author: Nicola Spinosa, James M. BradburnePublisher: SkiraPublished: 2016 Format: SoftbackPages: 112 p. Language: ItalianDescription: "Around Caravaggio" proposes a series of comparisons between paintings, some of

    Around Ingres and Hayez - dialogue


    Author: Isabella MarelliPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2018 Format: SoftbackPages: 136 p. Language: ItalianDescription: This Seventh Dialogue features the Portrait of Madame Gonse by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, from

    "I am Fernanda Wittgens".


    Author: Giovanna GinexPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2018 Format: SoftbackPages: 140 p. Language: ItalianDescription: Sixty years after his death, the volume presents the figure of Fernanda Wittgens (1903-1957), art hi

    Around Lotto - Dialogue


    Author: Francesco Frangi, Maria Cristina PassoniPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2017 Format: SoftbackPages: 72 p. Language: ItalianDescription: The paintings of the Pinacoteca di Brera Portrait of Laura da Pola, Portrai

    A wonder called Brera


    Author: James Bradburne, Stefano ZuffiPublisher: SkiraPages: 2018 Format: SoftbackPages: 112 p. Language: ItalianDescription: To celebrate the ninety years that have passed since the establishment of the Amici di B

    Mazzola Bedoli - Brera ever seen


    Author: Emanuela Daffra, Roberto Buda, Delfina Fagnani SestiPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2012 Format: SoftbackPages: 64 p. Language: ItalianDescription: Published on the occasion of the Milanese exhibition, the volum

    Franco Russoli. Without utopia, reality cannot be created


    Author: Franco RussoliPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2017 Format: SoftbackPages: 280 p. Language: ItalianDescription: "A museum is not only a sacred place, a safe or an archive for professionals: rather it must above...

    GIOVENONE - Brera ever seen


    Author: Cristina QuattriniPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2011 Format: SoftbackPages: 56 p. Language: ItalianDescription: An interesting study dedicated to Piedmontese painting of the first half of the sixteenth century

    Cagnacci - Cleopatra death


    Author: Letizia Lodi, Lisa HiltonPublisher: SkiraPublished: 2017 Format: SoftbackPages: 80 p. Language: ItalianDescription: Baroque painter Guido Cagnacci painted seductive nudes for sophisticated clients. Cleopatr

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