Artist's books

    Supplemento al dizionario italiano - Bruno Munari


    Author: Bruno MunariPublisher: CorrainiYear: Twenty-first reprint May 2021 In this volume the author examines the various ways of expressing oneself without speaking, not only with the hands but with the...



    Author: David Pelham Publisher: Franco Cosimo Panini Published: 2008 Language: Italiano Description: Follow the silver trail and pass through paper wonders that reveal enchanted woods, silent animals, mysterious natures and suggestive...

    Inside / Outside | Living is being at home everywhere 1977-2013


    Author: Ugo La Pietra Publisher: Corraini Edizioni First Edition: 2014 Binding: Paperback sewn with fins Pages: 64 Text: Italian/English "Living is not only a practice related to private space, but...

    Le Fantasie di Mario Mafai


    Curators: Giulia Mafai and Marina Gargiulo Publisher: Marsilio Arte Year: 2021 Binding: Paperback Pages: 128 Text: Italian Mario Mafai realizes the Fantasies between 1939 and 1943, in years of racial...

    The Adler collection of Soviet children's books 1930-1933


    Curators: Federica Rossi, James M. Bradburne, John E. Bowlt Languages: Italian and English Binding: Hardcover Pages: 352 21 x 25 cm First Edition Year: 2021 Foryears, a battered brown leather suitcase...

    Il custode cieco


    Author: James M. Bradburne Illustrations: Sara Scat Publisher: Valentina Edizioni Published: 2018 Recommended age: 3+ Format: Hardback Pages: 44 Language: Italian Description: A stolen painting, a blind guardian and a...

    Tutta colpa della Giraffa


    Author: James M. Bradburne Illustrations: Sara Scat Publisher: Valentina Edizioni Published: 2017 Recommended age: 3+ Format: Hardback Pages: 48 Language: Italian Description: Absolute chaos reigns at the Museum..animals jump out...

    Emma e il Baku blu


    Author: James Bradburne Illustrations: Chiara Sacchi Publisher: Valentina Edizioni Published: 2019 Recommended age: 3+ Format: Hardback Pages: 52 Language: Italian Description: Baku is a magic creature that, according to the...



    Publisher: Libri Finti Clandestini Published: 2020 Format: Hardback Pagine: Language: ItalianDescription: A particular pop-up primer containing 26 (more or less bizarre) terminologies related to astronomy, from the tome CONOSCERE -...

    Stupor mundi di Néjib


    Author: Néjib Publisher: Coconino Press Published: 2017 Format: Softback Pages: 288 p. Language: ItalianDescription: A comic book that contains many books: thrilling medieval thriller, historical novel, acute reflection on man...

    Una moderna Olympia di C. Meurisse


    Author: Catherine Meurisse Publisher: Coconino Press Published: 2015 Format: Softback Pages: 70 p. Language: Italian Description: The famous Olympia painted by Manet dreams of becoming a star of the silver...

    Ettore e Fernanda


    Author: Paolo Bacilieri Publisher: Coconino Press Published: 2019 Format: Softback Pages: 72 p. Language: Italian Description: The story of Ettore Modigliani and Fernanda Wittgens. Ettore, director of the Pinacoteca di...

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