Inside / Outside | Living is being at home everywhere 1977-2013


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Author: Ugo La Pietra

Publisher: Corraini Edizioni

First Edition: 2014

Binding: Paperback sewn with fins

Pages: 64

Text: Italian/English

"Living is not only a practice related to private space, but also to public space", says Ugo La Pietra. Since the 60s, his artistic research has explored the possibility of breaking down the barriers that now too rigidly separate public space from private space. An idea that he himself has often summarized in the motto "To live is to be everywhere at home".

In Indoor/Outdoor, La Pietra perseveres in its attempt to create beneficial conflicts between these two worlds by bringing elements of the domestic space to the façade of the house. Chairs, lampshades, curtains, armchairs, candles: the paradigmatic elements of the domestic space become real architecture. In this way the façade of the house tells the city about the world of domestic space and the architecture rediscovers, through the connotation of the external façade, the ability to communicate. Inside / Exterior collects the illustrations of Ugo La Pietra and the ceramics, inspired by them, made by the Tuscan craftsman Sandro Da Boit, accompanied by texts by Riccardo Zelatore, Marco Meneguzzo and Ugo La Pietra.

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Inside / Outside | Living is being at home everywhere 1977-2013